Eating the green:Safe or Unsafe?

Eating the Green: Safe or Unsafe?

Want to try those delicious looking pot brownies that your buddy baked up but are afraid of the consequences? Let me first start by telling you that Cannabis is in no way lethal! The downer is that there can be some nasty side effects from eating too much at one time, especially if you’re not a regular smoker.

Bad side effects can include: nausea, disorientation, feelings of delusion and feverishness.

Severe side effects can include: hallucinations, extreme paranoia and even panic attacks.

If someone tells you that they can’t breathe because they feel like their throat is closing up, first check for swelling (it could just be an anxiety attack), if it’s present then it’s time for a hospital trip because this is likely a severe allergic reaction. If it is not a severe allergic reaction, don’t go to the hospital. Take Benadryl IF needed. Otherwise, keep reading.

Why is it that eating weed will do this and smoking weed won’t? Well occasionally we get these side effects from smoking way too much, but eating it is way more potent than smoking it. So, not only does it get you higher, the effects last much longer. So you’re more likely to suffer a bad trip from eating than smoking. It is also likely that if you eat too much you could feel “hangover” like symptoms the next day like headaches or drowsiness. But wait, there’s more!

Although these bad side effects do exist, there are good side effects too! Some people prefer to ingest rather than inhale. Their reasons:

-Smoking isn’t good for you and by eating it you avoid all of the hazards of smoking.

-It can be incorporated into a large amount of foods and drinks because it can be absorbed by fats and oils.

-It is less obvious; if someone see’s you eating a cookie they’re not going to think anything of it, they see you hitting the pipe, they’ll probably wonder.

If you do eat too much just start eating foods that aren’t infused with THC. It won’t really make you less high, but it will satisfy your munchies and distract you while you sober up. Make sure you have a beverage on your endeavor because cotton mouth is not avoidable.

If you haven’t eaten too much then you’ll be coasting a nice heavy body high for an extended period of time, which is great for people who have any sort of muscular or skeletal discomfort. Just make sure you have plenty of time to sit back and relax.

And remember, you can always eat more but you can’t eat less! Start with half of what you’re thinking.


Is Weed Good For Your 4-legged Friend??

Have you ever blown smoke in your pets face, and thought that they got high and liked it? Well there is much up to debate on weather or not weed is good for animals.

Many studies say that is alright and that some animals actually like weed like humans and try to steal it. But other studies show that it can have harmful effects. Some of the harmful effects include just second-hand smoke in general which is bad for both human and animals health, can alter brain function, and lastly can impair lung function.  


But the only known true fact is that since animals are smaller than humans, it is actually possible for them to have a marijuana overdose if they ingest too much through their mouths. So never EVER  feed your pet weed, and take extra precaution to keep them away from it. I didn’t find much news that said it was harmful just to blow smoke in their face a couple times. I even believe that older dogs that seem in pain, find some relief from marijuana.

My dog never used to like smoke blown in his face, but after a few times I swear he craves it almost now and will come over when we smoke.

So leave a comment and tell everyone if your pet like or hates that mary jane!

Is Spacecase Worth My Money??

Im sure most of you readers have heard at least once in your stoner lives about a brand named Spacecase, that makes grinders. So for all you wondering whats all the hype about these grinders, im about to let you know.

They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from super small to bigger ones that casn grind large amounts. When buying a Spacecase grinder you may choose between the black and silver colors. The black grinders are made out of titanium, and from experience and other people’s opinion that I know, makes me believe that the black Spacecase grinders tend to get less sticky over time with use. The silver grinders are made out of aluminum and has more of a shiny finsh than the black one.


The last thing you need to decide on before purchasing a spacecase is if you want a two or three compartment grinder. The two comparment does not have a special keif compartment or a second compartment to catch the “grinded goods”. The one with the three compartments is specially nice and is great for heavy smokers. Which comes with the shake and keif comparments. All of the three compartment grinders come with a “Spacecase” triangle to pick up keif.


***If you already have a grinder but you are finding that it is becoming hard to grind and it sticks. A helpful hint is to soak your grinder in rubbing alcohol for a couple hours. You should find it easier to move afterwards and will build up keif faster.***

When i bought a grinder, I decided to go with the biggest black Spacecase they made. And I personally couldnt be happier. It makes it easier to grind up large amounts fast and I have never had a problem with the grinder sticking.

Spacecase grinders retail from $30-120 for the biggest grinder.  

Grind on fellow smokers!

One Quick Question?

If any of you readers out there are big Law and order:SVU fans(which is such a boss show), then you have probably had the same question I am asking right now. Is the co-producer’s name really Speed Weed???

Everytime at the beginning of the episode when they flashing through the credits and then its says “co-producer, Speed Weed”. I ask if that can really be his real name? And is it possible that he could actually be a woman? And how did their parent’s come up with that name if they really did?

So I decided to do some research online and where is what I found:

Nothing! All that is known is that his full stage name is William Speed Weed. He is a writer and producer for television dramas. He is best known for Law and Order: SVU, NCIS: Los Angeles. Eleventh Hour, and New Amsterdam. He has never once revealed his face to the public.

Well all I know is he writes some damn good shit and choose a pretty tight stage name. Who knows maybe the mystery of William Speed Weed will never be solved!

If anyone knows any secrets out there about him feel free to share

Need a Laugh?

My boyfriend is feeling a little under the weather today, so I thought I would gather some funny weed pictures to help cheer him up. And I thought maybe they could help some other people out there that need cheering up too.

Every stoners favorite haha


Very Inspirtional

National Bong Association


True, Very True

They lied to us as kids haha

I hope that these pictures brightened at least one persons night, then I can go to bed happy and high. Oh wait I already am!

Weed Wars

If any of you stoners out there haven’t watched the new show called “Weed Wars”, then you are missing out!

Weed Wars is a new show that premiered in December on the Discovery channel. The whole reality show revolves around the Harborside Health Clinic(which is the largest marijuana dispensary in the world!!) It shows what daily life is like running the biggest and most successful dispensary, where they run into problems such as unfair taxes, threats from the federal government, and criminal employees. While all that sounds bad, the show does have a softer side, with stories how medical marijuana has helped and saved patients lives.

I’ve only seen the first two episodes(there is a total of four so far), but boy am I already hooked! I love how you show all different types of patients that they see everyday. I also like how they show you into the lives of some of the employees and how working there affects them. But the best part of this show is its about WEED, from beginning to end!

Catch “Weed Wars”, thursdays at 10:00p.m. on the Discovery channel.

So remember to set your Tivo, otherwise you might just forget;)

Here is the whole first episode and you can watch all the other whole episodes on youtube.

The “Trippy Stick”

I hope everyone had a great weed-filled New Years, and smoked off that awful hangover the next day! Whats better than starting 2012 off with another piece review here at Tokers Digest?

For any of the readers out there that are Wiz Khalifa fans you might have seen this vaporizer before in some of his videos. In the videos Wiz and his crew refer to the vaporizer as the “Trippy Stick”, but the real official name for the piece is the Atmos Vaporizer. Skip to about the 2 minute mark in the video below to see them test out the Atmos for the first time.

But this is not just your ordinary vaporizer this electronic cigarette look-a-like(it works the same way but when you take a hit you press a small button on the side), is to be used with special hash oil cartridges.(There is one thing about that though, since it is illegal to sell marijuana, you must have a medical marijuana card issued by the state in order to purchase the cartridges, anyone is allowed to buy the actual vaporizer part though.) They can be found at local collectives/dispensary that carry the Atmos Vaporizer. There is one catch that can be bad or good, the cartridges are made by random people not a company, so each one varies on intensity, harshness, and flavor.

I have never actually hit one of these vaporizers myself since they sell out pretty fast when they come into places, but my boyfriend said it was worth the money. He said it was really nice how you could take a hit whenever you wanted and never had to put it out or worry about it burning. One downfall is it does have a battery that has to be charged. People say it lasts for a long time and does come with a convient USB and wall charger.

The Atmos Vaporizer retails for about $100 online and in stores, and each cartridge costs $30(which gives around 60 to 100 hits).

Well hope we helped start what could possibly be the last year of our lives off with a bang, smoke on!